Additions and revisions

Dec 2017Updated DNRU listings through 2017; added and corrected links for Clarke and Osgood

May 2017Added Increase Niles Tarbox biography and updated Tarbox series

April 2017Added Catherine Burnham biography and series; added Carrie L. May biography

2015-2017Deleted "links" sections from "Information" column because of problematic links; miscellaneous updating and corrections

May - June 2015 Added McIntosh biography; added links to texts by dime novel and story paper authors; added page showing E. Burke Collins's Family Story Paperpublications from 1881 and 1882, with links to scans of some of her 1881 short stories

Oct - Nov 2014 Updated Dime Novel Round-Up listings and assorted links to online texts in "series bibliographies" pages;
removed "links" links from Information column (because of numerous outdated or problematic links);
added folklore pages and links to same because of secondary research
July 2013 Added series listings for Katherine Kent Child Walker and Susan Warner. (Apologies to the reader who wrote about Warner several years ago -- it's taken me this long to discover she did have series with continuing characters and learn the titles.)
March 2013 Finally discovered coding error that was causing blank pages and resolved it;
added Julia Mathews poem ("Aunt Betsey's Prayer-Meeting") and short piece ("Little Children...") from Illustrated Christian Weekly;
also publications checklist and short story for Sarah West Lander
March 2013 Added Church story "Borrowed Plumes"
Feb 2013 Added Phelps poems; added links to additional etexts
May 2012 Added Lander series biography; added material about Mary P. Wells Smith -- transcriptions of three articles, publications checklist, pt. 1 of biography (1840-1870)
April 2012 Added material about E. M. Bruce's work on The Myrtle
Sept 2011 Added Fannie's Rule by Mary J. Hildeburn
May 2011 Added biography and series for Mary J. Hildeburn; added indices (chronological and author) for vols. 1-6 of Schoolfellow magazine; added biographical information for Schoolfellow authors
May 2011 Added Elisabeth W. Swinchoski's commentary on Gypsy Breynton; added text of Addie's Party
Feb 2011 Added Checklist of Margaret Sidney's Publications (with links to digitized material available online)
January 2011 Added Chronological List of Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward's Stories in Children's Periodicals (with links to digitized material available online and transcriptions of several poems)
January 2011 Added alternate version of main page for small screens or mobiles
October 2010 Added series listing for Cousin Belle
July-Aug. 2010 Added Bruce's Robby and Nellie in School; added more links to etexts;
current goal is to find links or scan some representative material from every girls' series on the site
Dec. 2009Added Martha Finley short story from The New York Weekly
Nov-Dec. 2009 Added two Virginia F. Townsend short stories from The New York Weekly
July 2009 Site redesign in progress (finally learning css style sheets): adding some information and more links to online texts to the series listings; also a few new images or information to some of the biographies.
July 2008 Added series listings for misc. boys' series (linked from 19th-century series listings): Adams, Butterworth, Ellis, Knox, Stephens, plus links to online texts at other sites
Nov. 2007 Added McIntosh biblio; added some links to titles at google books
Sept-Oct 2007 Completed Sanford Rose, Tom, and Ned
July 18, 2007 Added Church bibliography
July 2, 2007 Added Sanford bibliography and Sanford, chs 1-12
June 7, 2007 Added Hibberd biography and bibliography and Nichols' "Meridian Line"
June 2, 2007 Added Nichols and Osgood bibliographies
May 2007 Added Crowninshield and Seymour series bibliographies and Crowninshield biography
Feb. 2007Added sketch of Elizabeth Stuart Phelps from Poets' Homes
Dec. 1-7, 2006 Added chs. 4-5 of Champney's Three Vassar Girls in England
Nov. 24-27, 2006 Updated McKeever links and links to Abbott, Finley, May etexts
Nov. 22, 2006 Completed Johnson's Katy's Christmas
Nov. 18, 2006 Added Dunning's Golden Rule
July 2006 Added DNRU index 1970-79
July 9, 2006 Added ch 2, pt. 1 of Johnson's Katy's Christmas and Champney's Three Vassar Girls in England
July, 2006 Added misc. images and links to some pages
June 2006 Added DNRU index 1980-89
Apr 2006 Added reviews for Phelps's Trotty's Wedding Tour and Mathews Fanny's Birthday Gift
Feb-Mar, 2006Assorted updates, including ch. 1 of Virginia Johnson's Katy's Christmas
Jan, 2006 Added 19th-century biographical sketch of Prentiss
Dec, 2005 Added Thurston biography
Nov 29, 2005 Added Reed bibliograpy
Oct-Nov, 2005 Added Bruce biography, bibliography, poem, and short story
Aug 20, 2005 Revised index page; added comprehensive name index
Aug 20 Added Bradley and Neely biographies
Aug 18 Added Ketchum (Grahame) biography
Aug 16 Added "Children's Books" (1864 essay)
Aug 16 Added Champney's Vassar Girls in England, ch. 1
Aug 2 Replaced images in Abbott biography with new photos
July 30 Added Bradley's poems; updated Mannering bio; added bibliography and etexts for Phoebe Harris Phelps and biography for Mrs. S. R. Graham Clark
July 29 Added bibliographies for Mrs. S. R. Graham Clark and Nellie Graham
July Added Penn Shirley's "Tate's Doll's Wedding"; ch. 3 of Abbott's Ellen Linn; George Root's reminiscences of Jacob Abbott; updated Nowell/Mannering biography
June 6-28 Completed Saved from the Street and Marnie's Angel; added bibliography for Field and excerpts from Josephine R. Baker's Roundtop and Squaretop
May 24-June 5, 2005 Added ch 1-6 of Samuels's Saved from the Street; added chapters 5-6 of Marnie's Angel
Jan. - May, 2005 Added chapters 2-4 of Marnie's Angel; selected bibliography for Tarbox
Dec. 13, 2004 Added ch 1-2 of Chester's Marnie's Angel; revised biography and bibliography
Dec. 9, 2004 Added Chester biography and bibliography
Dec. 4, 2004 Added Finley links
Nov. 25, 2004 Added Robbins biography
Nov. 11, 2004 Added Robbins's description of her Andover neighborhood from Old Andover Days
Nov. 10, 2004 Added Robbins bibliography
Sept. 7, 2004 Added chs. 3-4, 7 Juno and Georgie
July 11, 2004 Added Robbins's biographical sketch of Moses Stuart from Old Andover Days and Sunday-School booklet "Bessie"
June 7, 2004 Added Mannering's "Ghost Story"
June 6, 2004 Added Sarah Stuart Robbins's reminiscences about Leonard Woods; Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward's memories of her first publications and writing children's books; updated Coolidge links; updated DNRU listings through June 2004
April 20, 2004 Added biography and links for McKeever
March 29, 2004 Revised biography for F. I. Burge Smith; added excerpts from Old Wickford
Feb-Mar, 2004 Added biography and bibliography for F. I. Burge Smith; added/updated some links
Jan 28, 2004 Added ch 9 of Mary Gay; modified Pansy (Alden) bio slightly and added excerpt from final chapter of Four Mothers at Chautauqua with poem by Grace Livingston Hill, allusion to Pansy, and photos of both women; added some links to Pansy etexts
Nov 14, 2003 Added excerpts from With the Children on Sundays
Sept 28, 2003 Added chs. 7-8 of Abbott's Mary Gay and chs. 1-2 of Ellen Linn
Sept 3, 2003 Added "Illuminated Texts" (Coolidge non-fiction) and "April Snow" (Townsend poem), both from St. Nicholas)
August 30, 2003 Added "Trotty's Lecture Bureau" (Phelps short story from St. Nicholas
July/August 2003 Added Dall's autobiography Alongside
July 21, 2003 Added images to Phelps Ward biography; added Caroline Dall biography, bibliography, links
June 29, 2003 Added A. S. Moffat bibliography
June 27, 2003 Added Virginia Frances Townsend biography and bibliography; excerpt from Townsend's Amy Deane; also, picture of Daniel Wise added to his biography
June 9, 2003 Added Sophie May's "Dotty's Beads and Tea"; other updates: photograph of Mrs. S. B. C. Samuels and minor update to information on that page
May 31, 2003 Added ch. 4 of E. E. Hale's New England Boyhood; also addednd image to bibliography page for Mrs. S. B. C. Samuels
May 27, 2003 Added remainder of Minnie's Playroom
May 22, 2003 The joys of research at the Library of Congress! Added biography of Adelaide Samuels and of S. B. C. Samuels, plus bibliographies for S. B. C. Samuels and Louise Thurston
May 19, 2003 Added biblography of Adelaide Samuels and first chapter of Phelps (Ward)'s Tiny
May 8, 2003 Added biography of Susan Hale by her nephew
Apr. 21, 2003 Added Hale Family Flight bibliography and ch. 1 as illus. HTML
Apr. 13, 2003 Added Daniel Eddy bibliography
Mar. 26, 2003 Added series links to chronological series list; Updated DNRU index (added authors of books reviewed for 1995-2000)
Mar. 11, 2003 Updated DNRU index
Mar. 9, 2003 Added chronological list of 19th-century series (under "Miscellaneous")
Jan. 5, 2003 Expanded biography for Susan Coolidge and updated links for online editions of her series
Oct. 24, 2002 Added Gypsy Breynton, ch. 12 (conclusion)
Oct. 18, 2002 Added Gypsy Breynton, chs. 8-11, plus illus. to ch. 4
Oct. 9, 2002 Added Gypsy Breynton, chs. 6-7
Oct. 3, 2002 Added Gypsy Breynton, chs. 3-5
Sept. 10, 2002 Added Mary Gay, chs. 5-6; Gypsy Breynton, chs. 1-2
July 22, 2002 Added "Peanuts and a Sermon" (Mathews)
June 30, 2002 Added photo of Minnie Paull plus first part of her biography; also excerpts from her journal
June 26, 2002 Added photos of Elizabeth Phelps and Austin Phelps and excerpt about Phelps from Chapters from a Life
June 18, 2002 Added excerpts from When I Was Your Age and updated DNRU contents for 2002
June 10, 2002 Rearranged site (at subdirectory level)
June 1, 2002 Added biography of Maragaret Hosmer and biography and bibliography of Daniel Wise
May 29, 2002 Added 1882 Literary World piece on Virginia Wales Johnson
May 16, 2002 Added biography and bibliography of Virginia Wales Johnson; added bibliography for Hosmer and Paull
May 16, 2002 Added biography and bibliography of Myra Sawyer Hamlin
April 5, 2002 Added "Reverend Mr. Trotty" from The Trotty Book
March 28, 2002 Added chapter 15 (conclusion) Kathie's Three Wishes; chapter 4 Mary Gay
March 23, 2002 Added chapters 13-14 Kathie's Three Wishes; added reviews for Helen Grant books (and scans of the clippings).
March 9, 2002 Added biography of Elizabeth Stuart Phelps [Ward]
March 2, 2002 Added biography of Laura E. Richards and links for Abbott material; revised Baker and Phelps biographies and Phelps bibliography; added images to Phelps bibliography page.
Feb. 27, 2002 Added chapters 11-12 Kathie's Three Wishes.
Feb. 16, 2002 Added chapter 3 Mary Gay and Kathie's Three Wishes, chs. 9-10
Oct. 28, 2001 Added chapter 2 Mary Gay and chapter 5 Elsie Dinsmore
Oct. 21, 2001 Added "Circulating Decimals" by Pansy along with commentary and images relating to Sunday-School libraries
Sept. 20, 2001 Added 1915 interview with Amanda Douglas
July 19, 2001 Added news photos of Amanda Douglas
July 18, 2001 Added Kathie's Three Wishes, chs. 7-8
June 5, 2001 Added Kathie's Three Wishes, ch. 6 and Elsie Dinsmore, ch. 4
May 30, 2001 Added "Common Traits of 19th-Century Series Heroines"
May 12, 2001 Added Kathie's Three Wishes, ch. 4-5
April 2, 2001 Added ch. 3 Elsie Dinsmore and Kathie's Three Wishes
March 2001 Moved site from tripod
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