ZIGZAG JOURNEYS by Hezekiah Butterworth

Estes & Lauriat

1. Zigzag Journeys in Europe. Vacation Rambles in Historic Lands.         1880

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2. Zigzag Journeys in Classic Lands; or, Tommy Toby's Trip to Mount Parnassus         1881

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3. Zigzag Journeys in the Orient. The Adriatic to the Baltic. A Journey of the Zigzag Club from Vienna to the Golden Horn, the Euxine, Mosco and St. Petersburg         1882

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4. Zigzag Journeys in the Occident. The Atlantic to the Pacific. A Summer's Trip of the Zigzag Club from Boston to the Golden Gate         1883

5. Zigzag Journeys in Northern Lands. The Rhine to the Arctic. A Summer's Trip of the Zigzag Club through Holland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden         1884

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6. Zigzag Journeys in Acadia and New France. A Summer's Journey of the Zigzag Club through the Historic Fields of the early French Settlements of America         1885

7. Zigzag Journeys in the Levant, with a Talmudist Story-teller. A Spring Trip of the Zigzag Club through Egypt and the Holy Land         1886

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8. Zigzag Journeys in the Sunny South; or, Wonder Tales of Early American History         1887

9. Zigzag Journeys in India; or, The Antipodes of the Far East; a Collection of the Zenana Tales         1887

10. Zigzag Journeys in the Antipodes         1888

11. Zigzag Journeys in the British Isles; or, Vacation Rambles in Historic Lands         1889

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12. Zigzag Journeys in the Great Northwest; or, A Trip to the American Switzerland         1890

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13. Zigzag Journeys in Australia; or, A Visit to the Ocean World         1891

14. Zigzag Journeys on the Mississippi, from Chicago to the Islands of Discovery         1892

15. Zigzag Journeys on the Mediterranean         1893

16. Zigzag Journeys in the White City. With Visits to the Neighboring Metropolis         1894

17. Zigzag Journeys around the World         1895

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