Series by Mary Prudence Wells Smith

Jolly Good Times

cover Hackmatack
  1. Jolly Good Times; or, Child-Life on a Farm (1875)
      Online at Google Books
  2. Jolly Good Times at School, Also Some Times Not Quite So Jolly (1877)
  3. The Browns; A Story of Jolly Good Times in the City (1884)
      Online at Internet Archive
  4. Their Canoe Trip (1889)
      Online at Google Books
  5. Jolly Good Times at Hackmatack (1891)
      Online at Google Books
  6. More Good Times at Hackmatack (1892)
  7. Jolly Good Times To-Day (1894)
  8. A Jolly Good Summer (1895)

Volumes 1 and 2 originally issued with P. Thorne as author

Additional information about the series format and publishing history can be found at Cary Sternick's Thoughts of Bibliomaven blog.

Young Puritans

  1. Young Puritans of Old Hadley (1897)
      Online at International Children's Digital Library
  2. Young Puritans in King Philip's War (1898)
  3. Young Puritans in Captivity (1899)
      Online at Google Books
  4. Young and Old Puritans of Hatfield (1900)
    Page images viewable at Hathi Trust

Summer Vacation

cover Three in a Camp
  1. Four on a Farm (1901)
  2. Two in a Bungalow (1914)
      Online at Google Books
  3. Three in a Camp (1916)
      Online at Google Books
  4. Five in a Ford (1918)

Old Deerfield

  1. The Boy Captive of Old Deerfield (1904)
  2. The Boy Captive of Canada (1905)
  3. Boys of the Border (1907)
  4. Boys and Girls of Seventy-Seven (1909)

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