Samuels in the 1920s

To 1918

A bouquet of days! oh, handle them carefully!
    Keep each as pure as a babe at the breast;
Add each to thy live with fervor and prayerfully
    Return each to God when you go to your rest.

A bouquet of days! and each a tomorrow,
    Revealing its wonders as unfolds a flower:
May no act of mine turn a day into sorrow,
    To hold each in sunshine may I have the power!

A bouquet of days to gaze on in wonder;
    One by one they'll unfold to the world something new:
But cherish them well; they have power to sunder
    Much that is evil, and leave you the true.

-- Adelaide F. Bassett [Adelaide F. Samuels]

Los Angeles Times, 7 Jan 1918

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