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Little Conquerors (Franky Maloy)

  1. Little Conquerors; or, The Children's Comfort Bags (1865)
  2. Franky's Little Meeting (1865)
  3. Franky's Little Friend (1865)
  4. Franky's Work (1865)

The series was published by Henry Hoyt. No advertisements for the volumes as a series have been found for the initial publication, but Hoyt's catalog in the 1876 Publishers' Trade List Annual identifies this as the Little Conquerors series. All four volumes have the same protagonist, Franky Maloy. Oddly, although the Hoyt editions seen spell the protagonist's name as Franky, the catalog uses Frankie. No author is named in the ads. Kelly's name has been seen with two spellings; indeed, one Henry Holt edition of her Ruth Chenery contains two title pages, with the name "Kelly" on one and "Kelley" on the other.

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