Josephine Lawrence and the Newark Sunday Call Children's Page


During the period Lawrence edited the Sunday Call's children's page, short stories appeared regularly -- frequently two per week. Topics varied -- some were mini-morality lessons, featuring, for example, children with allegorical names ("Icant C Why") and/or obvious behavioral problems; others were geared to seasonal activities and holidays; still others (while often containing these features) had fantastic elements such as talking dolls or animals; one series, "The What Happened After That Stories," reworked or continued fables and folktales. All of these stories were unsigned, but many appear to be Lawrence's work.

The two stories transcribed here are both from 1920. Again, although neither is signed, the first, "New Lawns While You Wait," is almost definitely Lawrence's work: the same doll characters appear in "The George Washington Doll," a chapter in her Man in the Moon Stories. The second, "Hard on Kitty," may also be by Lawrence; the style and characters are similar to some in her juvenile series.

Additional examples of the types of fiction found on the children's page under Lawrence's editorship will be added over time.

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