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"Pansy" Isabella MacDonald Alden
Biography with family anecdotes and photos of Alden. The site -- which is focused on Alden's niece, Grace Livingston Hill -- also includes an Alden bibliography and biographical information about other family members (related through Hill).

Alden biography and bibliography (titles only)

Biographical material
Encyclopedia Britannica
Brief sketch

Timeline of a Life Lived for Christ [Grace Livingston Hill]
Timeline includes several events connected with Pansy

Ester Ried Asleep and Awake
At Project Gutenberg

Tip Lewis and His Lamp
At Project Gutenberg

--by Pansy's son, Raymond MacDonald Alden
Why the Chimes Rang
At The Baldwin Project

The Pansy
Cover of the December 1889(?) issue of The Pansy magazine and sample illustrations from holdings in the Elizabeth Nesbitt Room Journal Collection, Information Sciences Library, University of Pittsburgh

--with brief mentions of Pansy
"Laid Away Memories" by Mrs. Theodosia M. Foster
Commemorating the Semi-Centennial of the Presbyterian Church of Oneida, NY (1894), includes reference to Pansy's church activities

Also History of the Presbyterian Church of Oneida, New York, June 13, 1894
Mention of letter from Pansy on the event of the church's semi-centennial

Chautauqua Hall of Brotherhood -- History

Woman's Part at the World's Fair [of 1893]: The Woman's Branch of the World's Congress

Chautauqua -- history (but no mention of Pansy)
Official site

Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Society
At The Complete Chautauquan

Development and Growth of the Chautauqua Institution

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