Series by Maria J. McIntosh (Aunt Kitty)

Tales for the Young; or Lessons for the Heart

  1. Blind Alice; or, Do Right If You Wish To Be Happy (1841)
  2. Jessie Grahame; or, Friends Dear, but Truth Dearer (1841)
      Partial copy online at Google Books
  3. Florence Arnott; or, Is She Generous? (1841)
      Online at Google Books
  4. Grace and Clara; or, Be Just as Well as Generous (1842)
      Online at Google Books
  5. Ellen Leslie; or, The Reward of Self Control (1843)

The books were originally issued pseudonymously, with Aunt Kitty as author; later editions were credited to M. J. McIntosh. The five books were also republished in one volume as Aunt Kitty's Tales (1847 -- online at Google Books).

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