Girls' Series by Mrs. Carrie L. May

Little Pitcher Stories

frontispiece, Four Little Pitchers
  1. Four Little Pitchers (1867)
      Online at Google Books
  2. Bertie's Telegraph (1867)
      Online at Google Books
  3. Uncle Barney's Fortune (1867)
      Online at Google Books
  4. Charley's Calico Rooster (1869)
      Online at Google Books
  5. Grandma's Strong Box (1869)
  6. Baby Pitcher's Trials (1869)
      Online at Project Gutenberg

Volume 5 advertised as Grandma's Christmas Box; volume 6 advertised as Trials of the Baby Pitcher

Sweet Clover Series

  1. Nellie Milton's Housekeeping; or, Sweet Clover (1865)
      Online at Google Books
  2. Brownie Sandford; or, The Recovered Pearl (1866)
  3. Sylvia's Burden (1867)
  4. Ruth Lovell; or, Holidays at Home (1868)

Volume 1 also listed as Sweet Clover; or, Nellie Milton's Housekeeping

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