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Kellscraft Studio
Romance of Old Japan by Elizabeth Wells Champney and Frere Champney - illustrated html

Making of America (Cornell University)
Making of America (Cornell University)
Articles by Elizabeth Champney and J. Well Champney published in The Century, Atlantic Monthly, Harper's New Montly Magazine, Scribners, The Galaxy (1876-1898)

Miscellaneous biographical information
Memorial Hall Museum
Photograph of husband J. Wells Champney and daughter Maria

Memorial Hall Museum
Two J. Wells Champney letters; the first, to friends, discusses plans for international travel with Elizabeth; the second is to the editor of the local paper

Bridget L. Bigatel-Abeniacar: 19th Century American Women Travelling in Spain
Mention of Champney

Famous American Biographies
Biographical sketch of J. Wells Champney with small section on Elizabeth Champney at end

F. D. Williams
Biographical sketch of Frederic Dickinson Williams (1828-1915), a cousin, with reference to the Champneys

Miscellaneous bibliographical information
FictionMags Index
Listing of Elizabeth Champney and J. Wells Champney's fiction, in St. Nicholas

Women and Nature: Memorial Library, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Cover of In the Sky Garden and three internal illustrations by J. Wells Champney

J. Wells Champney - links

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Libraries
The Great South; A Record of Journeys in Louisiana, Texas, the Indian Territory, Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland,
By Edward King, Illustrated by James Wells Champney - as illustrated HTML

Biographical material (usually in conjunction with art)
Catalogue: Art Historical Methods Seminar of the Fine Arts Department, Dickinson College
Biographical sketch and commentary; image of Sunset Landscape

Oxford Gallery
Biographical sketch; image of Never Too Late to Mend

Biographical sketch; image of Portrait of a Lady

Internet Family Tree (Walt Howe)
Geneaology - J. Wells Champney (ancestors)

Letters of Mark Twain
Reference to incident involving Champney (Feb 21, 1881 letter to Howells)

Mark Twain: A Biography
Above also included in Paine's biography of Twain

Native News
February 24, 1899 INDIAN HELPER announcing forthcoming lecture by Champney

Native News
Mar 10, 1899 INDIAN HELPER with paragraph describing Champney's visit and lecture;
abbreviated version also at Carlisle Indian School Newspapers

AAFLA Virtual Archive
Outing, August, 1889, No. 5: Reference to Champney narrating a slide lantern program

AAFLA Virtual Archive
Outing, June, 1890, No. 3: As president of the New York group endeavoring to raise funds for a monument to Daguerre in Washington, near the Smithsonian

Barewalls (posters)
Images of Boon Companions and Poppy Garden

Views of Niagara Falls, 1871-1880
Two images from Harper's Weekly, 1877

Lilly Library, Indiana University
Description of holdings of Champney sketches (from The great South) in Manuscripts Department

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